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VaaSS Infotech is a one stop shop for the managed Windows Virtual Private Servers at the most affordable prices prevailing in the Indian market. The virtual server that you will access will be the segment of the Windows web server. From here you can utilize the system resources fully committed to your online business activities in an independent manner. It is for sure that the Windows dedicated server will ask for a bit more investment from your side but due to the presence of virtualization technology it would be worth it. The Windows virtual private servers offered at VaaSS Infotech is in support of Virtuozzo technology. It is known to be one of the pioneers of virtualization technology across the globe.
We all understand that curtailing the end cost is one of the essential activities of today's competitive business operations. The Windows virtual private server plans offered by us will help your business website to thrive in the market. Our strategic services and the remote desktop access at the administrative point will help you to gain a better competitive edge in the market.

More Plan
Managed Services
Managed Services
Managed Services
Managed Services
60 MB
80 MB
160 GB
200 GB
Bandwidth /Month
300 MB /Month
400 MB /Month
750 MB /Month
1000 GB /Month
CPU Allocation
Equal CPU(1 Core Min.)
Equal CPU(1 Core Min.)
Equal CPU(1 Core Min.)
Equal CPU(1 Core Min.)
Oprating System
Cent OS
Cent OS
Cent OS
Cent OS
Control Panel
cPanel with WHM
cPanel with WHM
cPanel with WHM
cPanel with WHM
IP Addresses
Remote FTP Backup
10 GB Free
10 GB Free
10 GB Free
10 GB Free
Network Uptime
99.9% Network Uptime
99.9% Network Uptime
99.9% Network Uptime
99.9% Network Uptime
Monthly Price in USD
Monthly Price(INR)
INR 3499/mo.
INR 4799/mo.
INR 6499/mo.
INR 8299/mo.


  • • The above mentioned services will be on USD 1 base price= INR 58
  • • Please note that hosting packages will also have 12.36% Service Tax (additionally charged) by the Govt. of India.
  • • We do offer Managed Support services and thus we are not like our few other competitors who may offer a better price than us to attract customers but do not provide daily managed service and support to vps customer. (Think yourself before you buy!)
  • • FREE 10 GB Remote Backup FTP Account with every VPS package.


With above noted VPS packages you can also buy vps addons as listed below, if required anytime-
1) Additional RAM
Additional 512 MB RAM = Rs. 800/Month
Additional 1024 MB RAM = Rs. 1200/Month
2) Additional vCPU
Additional vCPU = Rs. 950/Month
3) Additional Dedicated IP Address
Additional Dedicated IP Address = Rs. 150/Month
4) Additional Disk Space
Additional 20 GB Disk Space = Rs. 800 / Month
Additional 50 GB Disk Space = Rs. 1300 / Month
5) Additional Bandwidth
Additional 100 GB Bandwidth = Rs. 600/Month
6) Control Panel and Control Panel Addons cPanel / WHM Control Panel = Rs. 850 / Month Extra
RVSkin = Rs. 550 / Month
Fantastico = Rs. 550 / Month
7) Managed Manual Remote Backups Rs. 2000 / Month Extra

Managed VPS Features

• FREE Daily backup and surveillance of parent nodes from data center level
• FREE remote ftp backup storage of 10 GB space (worth Rs. 600 /month)
• cPanel with WHM Control panel
• Fantastico Script Installer for a variety of free scripts available online
• RVSkin for cPanel
• Xeon Multi processor multicore VPS Nodes
• CentOS operating system
• Better I/O through RAID HD arrays
• Linux server with SSH and root level access
• Unlimited domains hosting allowed
• FREE Dedicated IP with every Linux VPS
• MySQL, cgi-bin, Perl and PHP support
• Free data migration related assistance
• Free server hardening and security services
• 24*7 hrs. technical support

Managed Services: Our managed VPS services include root level SSH access, O/s installations, server updates, free reboots, initial security features, control panel updates, hardware failure replacement and a lot more.
Server wide updates: As far as the server applications and updates are concerned then it is important to note that our services will comprise of only those applications and software updates that influence the whole OS and virtual private server.
Operating System Installation: We will have the basic OS installation process done including the control panel on your server.
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